Google Daydream VR end

Back in October, we told you about Android 11 ending support for the Google Daydream VR and software. We thought Google would be working on something new but looks like the tech giant is really finishing off the Daydream platform as it shuts down the VR Play Store and its servers. Google was hopeful the platform would work but not many people were able to ride the bandwagon. It’s actually more than just a bandwagon. It’s an idea that had big potential. Perhaps the company’s mistake was to keep it as a mobile platform.

If you’ve been using Daydream, you can try if the system will still work for you. We’re guessing those Daydream apps will already stop working. You may no longer find them on the Play Store so don’t expect updates either.

Google has its reasons but we won’t be surprised if it doesn’t give us an explanation about the fate of its virtual reality platform. While still available, you can try whatever Daydream experience you can access.

This end of the platform isn’t exactly a surprise. The Google Daydream View project was no more as early as 2019. The VR headset sales stopped. The Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 10 also stopped working with Daydream.

Hulu for Android also stopped supporting Google Daydream VR. We also remember the Google Play Movies & TV no longer available in Daydream VR.

The Daydream VR headsets may still work. Some apps can still run but they may only be available via third-party stores. Don’t expect to see any on the Google Play Store. But then again that could mean security risks for your device.


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