Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series may be overshadowed soon by the Galaxy S10 5G variant and the Galaxy Fold but the tech giant can still the depend on the S10 to sell. We don’t have the numbers right now but we know the phone is in demand. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are receiving updates that will improve on the biometrics software. A similar upgrade rolled out almost a month ago, improving fingerprint recognition. The V2.0.8.4 release of the software further advances the on-screen fingerprint reader.

The S10 and S10+ units are expected to receive the said software update that will make the in-screen fingerprint scanner more responsive and more accurate. Some people are saying the improvement is almost instant.

The software update is fully ready for those who live in Poland and Germany. Some Galaxy S10 owners in Netherlands and the UK have reported seeing the same update. Samsung hasn’t made any formal announcement but you can expect an OTA notification in the coming days.

In the US, there are no reports of the upgrade rolling out yet but it should be available soo. Once the update is ready, downloaded, and installed, unlocking the phone and getting inside will be as seamless and fast.

The update is only for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ because the Galaxy S10E doesn’t feature the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. You won’t find one at the back either but the fingerprint reader is embedded on the power button located on the right edge.

We’ve mentioned the Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner and we’ll always be curious about it. The feature was recently tricked with a 3D print copy. Even before the 10th Anniversary flagship phones were unveiled, we knew the scanner was for real as revealed by the Samsung Pay app. We thought it wouldn’t allow a screen protector but they already come with thin screen protectors out of the box.



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