Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung has been featuring a fingerprint scanner on most of its flagship phones. It’s just one of the many security measures available. The OEM will finally change that by using an in-display fingerprint sensor. After years of rumors and actual development, Samsung is implementing an ultrasonic in-display. This feature already skipped the Note 8, S9, and the Note 9 so it’s only fitting the 10th Anniversary flagship phone arrives with the new technology. We’ll get to confirm all details on February 20 at the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event.

We’re not doubting the existence of the on-screen fingerprint sensor. Samsung has been working on the tech but still hasn’t been successful. Vivo went ahead when it introduced the Vivo X20 Plus UD. Other OEMs also followed with in-display fingerprint scanners like the Xiaomi Mi 8, OnePlus 6T, and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

One mobile accessories maker, Armadillotek, has been working on new products for the upcoming S10 series. Protective phone cases are in the works already.

The company has reached testing but unfortunately, there is a problem– the in-display fingerprint sensor doesn’t work with screen protectors.

Screens have improved a lot but a screen protector is still important. It gives us peace of mind but we’re told it may not work on the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic display. Only the Galaxy S10E may be used with a protector because its fingerprint scanner is found on the side.

VIA: PhoneArena