The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have Samsung Pay. We’re certain at least on one variant will have an on-screen fingerprint reader according to the mobile payment app. XDA devs have seen some clues and reference on previous software updates. Looking at the code can give us an idea what features and specs future phones may have. For the Galaxy S10, we can confirm the in-display fingerprint scanner. It will also have a Bright Night camera mode and the primary camera used on the S10 will also be implemented on the upcoming foldable smartphone.

Samsung is finally using the in-display fingerprint scanner technology. Yes, finally. It’s been years since the South Korean tech giant has started development on the tech. It’s been delayed and sadly, Vivo went ahead with the same technology.

It’s about time Samsung introduces its own in-display fingerprint scanner. We can’t confirm how many of the S10 variants we’ll have such but we know at least one.

The tech skipped the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note, S9, and the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy S10 will have it. Keep that in mind.

Samsung better announce the fingerprint scanning technology because a lot of OEMs have overtaken them in this area. There’s Vivo, Huawei, OPPO, and OnePlus with some of their flagship phones having the on-screen fingerprint readers already.

The Samsung Pay app shows some reference to the in-display fingerprint scanner. We’re assuming it will be used for authentication since mobile payment transaction must always be safe, private, and secure.

VIA: XDA Developers