Samsung is very much busy these days, no thanks to the battery explosion issue that’s being reported worldwide. Not all Note 7 early adopters have encountered any problem but to be safe and sure, the latest premium phablet is being recalled. The South Korean tech giant has officially discontinued sales and distribution of about 2.5 million units of the Galaxy Note 7– one million of which are sold in the United States. A lot of measures have already been announced and good thing retailers and mobile carriers are responsible enough to comply.

The latest move by Samsung is the release of a software update that limited battery recharging to 60%. Another one is reportedly coming that will add the controversial green battery icon that indicates new and safe Note 7. We noted earlier that such icon will not be Android compatible but for this particular issue, Google made an exception and allowed Samsung to do so.

This software update doesn’t exactly address the overheating of the Note 7 battery nor it can prevent possible explosion but at least Samsung is giving the consumers assurance that a particular version of the Note 7 is now safe as made possible by a software update that will be released by the mobile carriers.

After the software update and you see a green icon, that means your new Galaxy Note 7 features a non-defective battery. Powering down your device is still advised but the new green battery status icon somehow gives people assurance and peace of mind that they own a safe device.


Verizon released the MMB29M.N930VVRS2APHE software version that brings the said visual battery level indicator. You’ll see it on the upper right side of the screen beside the time. If you want to see the level indicator in the Always on Display and Power option screens, you can also do so.


Note that Samsung has approached the CPSC to “educate consumers about the recall and make new Note 7s available”. New Note 7 phones will be available as soon as possible but Samsung is still asking people to exchange recalled devices already.

SOURCE: Samsung, Verizon