Facebook is always in the business of innovating and inventing new technologies. The top social network is not only busy bringing Internet connectivity to numerous remote areas all over the world. The company has been testing out new services like the Shopping feature, Reactions button, photo doodles before uploading, improved mobile profiles, 360 videos, and the FB Dislike button.

Videos are now being spread on Facebook these days, more than ever. The company continues to update the site and bring new features. Videos on Facebook are more immersive now, allowing users to view 360 videos. One perfect example is the Star Wars trailer which you can now enjoy in virtual reality via a pair of Google Cardboard. For more fun and entertainment, Facebook announced that fans can ask their favorite celebrities for live videos using the Mentions feature.

To watch these videos, Facebook introduced new ways because people have different watching habits. Feel free to watch videos you see in your News Feed. Scroll down or up to see next or previous videos uploaded which is very Instagram-like now. Others may see the ‘Suggested videos’ features or related videos in a row. This feature is currently being tested on iOS but it should be ready on Android soon. Don’t be surprised if you see ads within too because they’re not going anywhere.

Facebook is also testing on features that will allow people to multitask while watching videos whether within the app or website. Possible solution is a floating screen. An option to save video to watch later is also being tested by the devs. Facebook has plans to launch a special section for people who want to watch all videos in one place. The objective of this new place is to help users discover more relevant videos, watch them, and be able to share them with their contacts on Facebook.

With all these in mind, Facebook has started partnering with different publishers to help them manage their videos on the site. Pages now features new video tools like video upload enhancements and Page Insights updates.

SOURCE: Facebook