Mark Zuckerberg is keeping his promise to bring Internet connection to everyone in the world. The CEO of Facebook recently announced his company’s partnership with Eutelsat to launch a satellite in space that will deliver reliable Internet connection to not just thousands but millions of people around the world.

Earthlings will benefit from this effort. It’s just one of the many ways Facebook plans to bring Internet access to everyone. So far, Facebook has tried satellites, aircraft, as well as, traditional infrastructure to bring the web to people especially those who are residing in remote areas.

Eutelsat and Facebook have joined forces to launch a new satellite into orbit. The satellite, officially named as AMOS-6, is aimed to bring the Sub-Saharan Africa region internet connection. The satellite is scheduled to launch next year and it’s currently under construction according to Zuckerberg himself. The satellite is expected to be placed in a geostationary orbit to cover the West, East, and Southern Africa. Facebook and Eutelsat are also aiming to partner with local companies and organizations in the region to advance the project in the smaller communities.

The two companies are delighted to be working together. Eutelsat Chairman and CEO Michel de Rosen said they are “excited by this opportunity to accelerate the deployment of our broadband strategy and to partner with Facebook on a new initiative to provide Internet access services in Africa”. He is also positive that his company’s impressive track record in the business of High-throughput Satellite systems will “ensure that they can deliver accessible and robust Internet solutions that get more users online and part of the Information Society”.’s VP Chris Daniels also exclaimed: “We are looking forward to partnering with Eutelsat on this project and investigating new ways to use satellites to connect people in the most remote areas of the world more efficiently.”

Eutelsat explained that the AMOS-6 will be configured with high gain spot beams in Africa. Both Facebook and Eutelsat will be sharing the capacity for Internet access that will be delivered by a supported customer equipment. This is also expected to bring affordable and cost-efficient services.

SOURCE: Mark Zuckerberg, eutelsat