Haven’t you ever wanted to do a little doodling on photos before you share them on your social networks? Well, you can actually do that but you need to use another app, then save the photo, then share it on your chosen app. But now Facebook, which of course is where a lot of people share so many pictures, is making doodling easy for you as you can now do that within the app itself before you post that selfie or that funny photo from your travel.

The new feature is part of the move by the social networking giant to bring more photo editing tools to the mobile apps, probably in order to keep users within the app too. After you select a photo that you’d like to upload, choose the edit button, where as you know by now, you can do a lot like adjust brightness, apply filters, etc. Now you can see a Doodle option as well. You can choose your ink color, choose the “pen” that you will use, then drag your finger across the screen to do your doodle.

This tool was something already previously added to the messenger app, and so you could draw weird stuff on people’s faces before sending a photo to your friend or group. Now, it’s just a little more public. The doodled photo can’t be saved directly to your camera roll though, but you of course can save your “masterpiece” after you’ve posted it on Facebook already.

The update has been rolling out to users for the past days, but of course it might take some time to reach everyone, so be patient. If it’s not yet there, just be content using another app to draw horns on your brother in the picture.

VIA: Venture Beat


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