Whether you were so looking forward to it or dreading it, we all knew that sooner or later this would happen. Facebook is now bringing video profiles to your mobile apps, because apparently, pictures aren’t enough. This is just one of the many improvements that the social networking giant is bringing to the app version, since apparently people visit FB profiles more than four billion times a day (we have that much time on our hands???) and we want our profile pages to look “nice” for these virtual visitors.

The major change of course is that soon Facebook will allow us to put up short, looping video clip as our profile image. Because we always love personalizing our social media profile, this can be seen as a good way to express ourselves, entertain those who visit our page, show off our personality, etc. But if you prefer to use just pictures, there are also improvements here. You can now assign a temporary version of your profile pic to celebrate an occasion, to cheer on your favorite team, or support a cause you believe in.


You can also now have more control over what people see when they visit your profile. Not everything about you is for public consumption at times, and so you can now highlight what you want them to see, including five Featured Photos, a one-line Bio field, ability to change visibility of the fields like work, education, etc. Even the design will be improved, like your photo/video profile will now be in the center and it’s also bigger. Photos and Friends are now at the top since these are the usual things that people most often look at.


But before you go and shoot a gazillion short videos to use as your profile, these new features will are still being tested out with iPhone users in the UK and California. No word yet on when this will roll out to Android devices and to users everywhere else.


SOURCE: Facebook