If you can’t travel to places that you really want to go to or experience things that you’ve been dreaming of, the next best thing would be to watch videos of that place or event. But sometimes, the videos feel flat and make you feel like you’re just watching a movie instead of actually being in it. Well, that problem may be solved with the introduction of 360 videos. Facebook is now allowing content creators who have the ability to create such videos to post it on the social network and so you’ll now be able to see these immersive videos on your timeline.

Not everyone can make 360 videos though. There is a special set of cameras that you need to use and record all the angles on a certain place or at a specific event. Some publishers already have this capability and will be sharing the 360-videos on your news feed, like Discovery GoPro, Saturday Night Live, VICE, etc. Probably one that would excite most readers is an exclusive 360 experience of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens from Disney and Lucas Films.

To be able to view these videos on your laptop or device is pretty simple. If you’re using a non-touch screen device, you simply need to drag around the video with your cursor until you find the view you’re looking for. If you’re on a touch-screen enabled mobile device, just drag the video with your finger or turn your device whichever direction you want to.

This is a pretty neat feature to have as your viewing experience of places and events will all the more be enhanced by feeling as if you’re actually there. 360 Videos will be rolling out on the web and Android versions really soon.

SOURCE: Facebook