Evernote is one of the top note-taking apps today. It can be integrated with numerous apps like Outlook, OneNote, and Sunrise which is sadly ending soon. Cloud storage is a standard now although more people have yet to adopt the idea. Google Drive is just one of the many and we’re happy to know that the search giant’s cloud service can now be linked with Evernote.

The integration of the two is actually imminent because they are on top of their game. For one, Google has been updating the service regularly to make sure that users, especially those paying for the premium service, can have their money’s worth. Most recent updates include the inline uploads and selective syncing, Yahoo Now attachment, reverse sort and instant edit, and a better search function.

With Evernote and Google Drive’s integration, you can work with more efficiency. Start working with a colleague on a project together and collaborate to meet your targets even when you are miles away from each other. You see, most Evernote users have their Google Account. About half are using Google Drive. This update now lets an Evernote user to access his files saved on Google Drive and be able to edit right there. There’s no need to switch apps because you can directly open files on Evernote and be saved on Google Drive simultaneously.

These two are great productivity tools and we’re glad they can now work together. This new integration is for those who are on Android only and people using web on Chrome.

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