For people who are never satisfied with their smartphone’s built-in calendar app and are always on the lookout for the next best one, Sunrise’s newest integrations can offer them something other apps don’t have yet. The recent announcements of apps they’ve partnered with include Songkick, Evernote, Github, Asana and Tripit.

If you want the concerts in your area to appear directly on your calendar, you can now open the Songkick app from within Sunrise and the events that you’ve chosen will now appear. It also shows all the concert dates in a map to make sure you don’t get lost when you attend all of them. For those who cannot function in their work or school without their trusty Evernote to rely on, all the reminders you’ve written there can now be viewed and edited in Sunrise, since the syncing happens both ways as well.

If you’re using Tripit as your travel planner and then manually adding stuff to your phone calendar, Sunrise wants that to end by letting you sync items directly from the travel app to your calendar. Collaborative email app Asana is also one of the calendar’s newest partners, which includes real-time synchronisation between the two apps.

Sunrise was already a huge favourite in the iOS community because of its simplistic but powerful calendar capabilities when it made its way to the Android platform late last month. However, since it’s still in its early stages, not all the features in the iOS version is already available for your Android device. One of the missing elements is using natural language to add calendar events, as well as having Microsoft Exchange as a calendar source. Developers assured it is something they’re still working on.

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SOURCE: Sunrise


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