With most digital natives now saving files on the cloud, it makes sense that we share documents, spreadsheets, images, etc by just sharing the links to these files instead of attaching them to emails and waiting forever to finish. The latest update to Yahoo Mail has taken that suggestion and is now allowing its users to attach links to files from Google Drive and Dropbox, and even GIFs from Tumblr. WhatsApp users can also attach documents from Google Drive as well.

While the Yahoo Mail mobile app still has a long way to go, they have been bringing several improvements that may convince users to stick it out with them. For this latest update, the major thing is that you can connect your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts so that if you need to send a file to a colleague or loved one, then just search for the file from your email and then attach it so the recipient will have access to the cloud file.


Other improvements with this update include being able to attach GIFs from Tumblr to make your emails more exciting, the option to delete drafts permanently without having to go to the drafts folder, plus the addition of three home screen widgets so you can keep updated with your Inbox even if your email app isn’t open.


As for Google Drive, it has also added the option for WhatsApp users to attach documents and files from their cloud drive to the messages. Again, this saves you the hassle of attaching huge files and instead just giving them access to specific files on your Drive. Both updates are currently rolling out to the respective apps.


SOURCES: Yahoo, Google