When an app that you frequently use gets an update, it’s almost always a welcome thing (as long as the update is useful of course). If you store your personal and work files on Google Drive, then you probably use this a lot of course. The latest update to the cloud storage service helps you see where the files you upload go directly to and also helps you choose which folders are on your computer, especially if you have limited hard drive space on your laptop or desktop.

Before, when you were uploading files onto Google Drive on your Android device, it will just show you that they are sent to a folder called Uploads, instead of where you actually intended to save them. But with this new update, you will now be able to have inline uploads which means you’ll see them appear in the destination folder where you actually did save them. You can also see a progress bar that tells you what size has already been uploaded and if it’s nearing completion.

As for the desktop version of Google Drive, the new update lets you choose which folders will be synced to your computer. This is pretty important for those who cannot have all Google Drive folders saved on their desktop because of limited space. But even when you deselect a folder, it doesn’t mean that it will be erased from the Drive altogether. It will just not be synced to your desktop. Drive will also warn you if the folder or file you’re deleting will affect the access of those you shared the files with.

The updates for both the Google Drive for Android and the desktop app as well has already started rolling out. You can check if you have it or just wait patiently for the update to arrive to you.

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