In its continuous effort to allow more productivity and connectivity to all mobile users, Microsoft has recently released an update for the Outlook app on both Android and iOS. Outlook now integrates with Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist. This change follows after integration with Skype and Sunrise the previous months. Managing one’s schedule is easier with the updated Outlook because you can see events saved on different calendars right in one app.

You can view all your calendars from Wunderlist, Evernote, Facebook,, iCloud, Gmail, and Office 365 among others–in the Outlook app. Your inbox, contacts, and important files can be quickly accessed from there. You see, your digital life don’t have to be a mess. With all the apps and devices your money can buy, everything can be saved on your phone or in the cloud. There’s no reason you won’t be able to remember because everything can be integrated in your Outlook.

Your Outlook calendar will surely be full of all the activities you have planned. Connect your other calendar or profiles with Outlook and be able to view what’s next on your schedule. This feature has been possible with Sunrise but it’s only now that Microsoft added more calendar services–making Outlook more powerful than ever.

If you have accounts on Wunderlist, Facebook, and Evernote, you can connect these three to your Outlook. While on the updated app, view the Outlook’s calendar, swipe from the left, and then click on the ‘Add’ button you see next to Calendar Apps. Add your other accounts to start viewing all tasks, to-dos, due date from Wunderlist, notes and reminders from Evernote, and upcoming events and birthdays from Facebook.

Normally, you can just view items by launching each app but the updated Outlook can make your life easier. No need to open several apps to check what’s next on your calendar because everything can be viewed right on Outlook.

SOURCE: Microsoft