Cloud storage services have become necessary to a lot of us who are used to working on the go and need to have instant access to our files regardless of whatever device we’re accessing it from at the moment. And we don’t just need a service that can store our files but one that has collaborative and editing features as well. Google Drive has been a go-to app for a lot of people, especially those who are dependent on the whole Google eco-system. The two new features in the update will all the more endear it to its users, we think.

First off, one of the feedbacks from users is that there has to be a way to sort files on your Google Drive in reverse. It’s not like you always want something alphabetically from A-Z. What about those times when you want it to be Z-A? Well now you can do reverse sorting just by tapping on the sort column at the top of the drive in order to swap the order of files, whether it’s according to name, owner or when it was last modified.

Another change with this new update is that from the preview of the file in Google Drive, you can now immediately go to the respective editor that you need to make the necessary changes in your file. Whether you will use Google Photos for, well, obviously, photos or Google Docs for your documents, you are now just one click away unlike before when you had to go two or three steps more.

The update is already rolling out to users, so even if you don’t have it yet, expect it in 1-3 days. You can check your Google Drive app in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Google Drive