The Essential Phone isn’t out yet but it is already in “full mass production” according to Andy Rubin. Essential Products is “ramping up” to finally deliver the smartphone and by next week, the public will know when and where the new Android phone can be availed. We already know it’s exclusive to one mobile carrier only but will come unlocked and will be ready on Best Buy.

Rubin said it will be ready in a few weeks time and we’re excited to check out if its dual real camera technology is better. We’ve seen sample photos and videos a couple of months ago but they weren’t as impressive. Hopefully, the phone will be really out in a week’s time and with no more delays.

Andy Rubin also shared some images of the phone in production. And now we’ve got more information about the startup’s funding. Essential Products recently confirmed that it got another $300 million more in funding. The company also revealed its biggest investors including Amazon and Tencent. In the United States, the phone will also be distributed by Amazon aside from Best Buy as we earlier noted. This newly-founded company is expected to challenge Samsung and Apple, being two of the biggest names in the mobile industry.

When WSJ asked when the phone will be released exactly, Essential’s President Niccolo De Masi responded, “We’re a few weeks away.“I will give you an exact date in a week.”

We’re looking forward then to next week and we’ll see how this $699 phone will change the game.

VIA: Amazon

SOURCE: Andy Rubin