Essential Phone Sprint Exclusive

We know people are waiting for the Essential Phone to hit the market. We’ve been anticipating how much it will cost and when the smartphone will be ready from mobile carriers. Unfortunately, it will only be available from one mobile carrier–Sprint. We’re not sure if this is a good idea but apparently, Rubin and his team are saying they want to partner with the network of the future.

At present, the network isn’t even in the top three mobile carriers in the United States but it is making huge enhancements. In an interview with USA Today, Essential Products President Niccolo de Masi say they would “like to bet with where we think the market is going as opposed to where the market was”.

If you know the history of the company, you won’t be surprised at all because Andy Rubin is friends with SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. This, even if the investment didn’t push through. And in case you didn’t know, SoftBank currently owns about 83% of Sprint. It really makes sense, at least, for Essential and Sprint, but not so much to the mobile consumers who are not happy with the decision. Then again, it still is okay because you can get the Essential Phone unlocked on the company website and on Best Buy. Price is $699 while the 360-degree camera requires and additional $50.

The Essential Phone will be released this Summer. We have no idea whether this exclusivity will be over after a few months or years. Essential President says this is strategic in the United States. However, analysts are saying this is a recipe for failure because not many people are keen on getting phones and plans from the carrier. We’ll see how this turns out for the Essential Phone.

And oh, how is the HTC U11 exclusive to the carrier again? Perhaps Essential can look at that.

VIA: SlashGear