Essential Phone Camera Cover

The Essential Phone is still not available but the device is still being anticipated perhaps just to know what Andy Rubin has been doing the past few years. It’s arriving “in a few weeks’ time” after missing a deadline. It was spotted in the wild after its official launch. Some sample photos and videos were shown off but they were disappointing coming from a premium phone.

We still have hope though because those were only early samples. Now, Essential is sharing how it has worked on the camera of the Essential Phone.

Early Essential Phone images tell us there is no obvious camera bump. The company said the cam performs well even in low light conditions so you can capture premium quality images all the time. The device comes with a dual camera system that is similar to other smartphones with such feature–there is a monochrome sensor and another RGB sensor.

As explained, the first rear camera is to apply RGB color filter (red, green, blue) at different pixel locations while the other one is for monochrome (black and white). The two cameras are activated at the same time and then images are combined to produce a final image that is very rich, crisp, and clear. Actually, we already know this process because it is common in phones with dual cameras.

What’s more interesting are the two phases of tuning the phone undergoes when taking photos–objective and subjective. Objective tuning is checking and making sure that the camera modules are working in an acceptable manner. Meanwhile, subjective tuning is teaching the image signal processor to take the right images in all conditions.

Essential has been testing these processes for a long time to perfect the technology. We’re not sure if that is the reason for the delay but we’re very much curious now at how this smartphone will be different and how it will excel.

SOURCE: Essential