It seems final: the Essential phone 2 has been canceled. We won’t see any new phone from the Essential team but an update for the PH-1 phone is promised. We agree cancellation is a tragedy but the company isn’t dropping the consumers. Updates for faster capture and performance will still be released. Those updates may include security patches, camera app improvements, and the latest Android version. There seems to be no changing the decision as Essential will no longer release a follow-up model with better camera contrary to what we’ve been saying.

An Essential Phone is already out of the equation but the company behind Lit, will continue to come with products that matter. One example is a special technology that works as a tool to enhance sound quality and deliver full-range music. The focus now is first-class audio and it’s possible in partnership with MQA and TIDAL. Audiophiles, professionals, and ordinary music listeners can enjoy premium audio quality since the Essential Phone has been tuned to support MQA. The result is full range studio master quality sound.

Master Quality Authenticated or MQA is one way to unpack songs that will offer lossless audio experience. Hearing the sound of the original recording is one goal. While others want a cleaner sound, MQA lets you hear the original sounds. Real audiophiles will appreciate this.

Amping up the audio is a good decision for Essential. This move also includes access to MQA tracks on TIDAL. This way, you can experience listening to songs from different musical genres.

You can get the Earphones HD and Essential Phone with our high-resolution display. A special bundle may cost you $499 for the smartphone and earphones. In the next few weeks, Essential will also release an Audio Adapter HD that will feature hardware MQA rendering, high-resolution ESS Sabre DAC, and professional quality amp. This can be used with ordinary 3.5mm headphones because it can be easily attached and supported. The adapter is durable with its machined titanium and very useful with its Click connect technology.

MQA is described as an award-winning technology and it can be experienced now with an Essential Phone or any other pair of headphones. If you want to hear the original master recording, you can turn to MQA.

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