The Essential team may have already canceled the 2nd-gen version and laid off about a third of its workforce but it’s not yet done with the mobile business. The Essential Phone is now primed to receive the Audio Adapter HD as its second modular accessory. It comes after the snap-on 360-degree camera mod and is being released five months after we learned about the MQA audio enhancements and support for 3.5mm headphones. The Essential PH-01 phone already boasts the MQA technology but it still can be improved with the new Audio Adapter HD.

The adapter is a clip-on mod that works as a digital-to-analog converter. The limited edition accessory is made of 100% machined titanium for durability. It’s light and features a Click-Connect technology.

Feel free to charge the smartphone and listen to your favorite at the same time while the Audio Adapter HD is attached. Audiophiles and even ordinary music lovers will notice the superior audio quality–high-resolution ESS Sabre DAC with MQA support.

You can use any ordinary 3.5mm HD headphones with the Audio Adapter HD. Expect it to deliver optimum audio performance with low distortion, thanks to the audiophile-grade amp.

For this release, Essential partnered with TIDAL to bring users access to a Master Quality Audio music library. Your TIDAL music subscription will come with a free 3-month TIDAL HiFi trial. That should be long enough to convince you to upgrade.

The Essential Audio Adapter HD is priced at $149. It will only be available in Canada and the United States.

SOURCE: Essential