We know them and we LOVE them, the Android toy series from DYZPlastic and artist Andrew Bell – you see them every freaking day here on Android Community as we use them for our product reviews and more – plus we’ve got a custom Angry Android running around here too! Thusly whenever we get news that our pals at DYZPlastic are releasing new models, well, we get pretty pumped up. Todays revelation comes in the form of a graphic with a secret code underneath: CCI / 072111 / DKE4728 / 4D4D / 10USD. Can you “figure” it out?

Another clue comes in a quote from the group: “Brave Heroes, Masked Avengers, Super Villains, Killer Robots… all in a Summer’s work.” Does this mean there’ll be a whole new series of Android toys with cool masks and robotic parts? Or will it be an all-in-one set where you get four Androids in a single pack? Only time shall tell. We’ll be able to give you more information on the subject next week.

For now, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Starting with a big contest back in February of this year. we were able to jam out two cool series 2 Android toys to you, the adoring public in a lovely display – this was BEFORE the series was even released – wowzers! We later had another contest just this May in which we had several more Series 2 figures, this time AFTER they were all sold out! We had spoilers for two secret figures: number one and number two, and we saw one of the most awesome DIY projects ever: Carsten’s Yellow Electric.

Very recently we heard about a moving auction that the toy company was having in which several special edition toys would be sold. Did you win one? Tell us about it! Finally we got our very own Cai Shen Dao, Chinese New Year God of Wealth Android toy for review. Lovin it!

So what’s next, DYZ, bring it on!