Oh my goodness would you look at that, one of the rarest (and some of the MOST RARE) Android figures from the official source are up for auction today. The one mentioned in the title of this post is certainly the most rare of the production-size-run Androids on the market, that being a series of 300, a Developer Android only given out to official Android personnel! That and a handful of other rarities and awesome bits including signed figures are up for auction on ebay now, direct from the folks that kindly bring you these Android figures, Angry Zebra!

So what the heck is going on here, you might ask, is this money going to save the Android orphans? Not so much. All the cash will be going to Angry Zebra themselves in order to offset the cost of moving their studio for the first time in seven years! Grab a piece of that delicious striped meat carcass and tear it up with your teeth!

That said, there’s a few rarities in this collection I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, including prototype cupcake androids that smell like vanilla and chocolate (they really, work, we know it!) and a couple of classic green androids signed by none other than Andrew Bell and Andy Rubin, the originator of this style, if you know what I mean.

Take a peek at all of the auctions via this ebay link and bid on only the items that I don’t want! I’ll be watching you! Note also that we just completed a Series 2 Giveaway and will be having more giveaways of a similar nature in the future!