One of the perks of the Chromecast is the ease of use. Going along with that is the lack of needing to worry about software updates. In fact, we suspect some Chromecast users never even pay attention to updates. Still, Google does push them. They also detail them on the Chrome Releases blog and this time around there was one item of particular importance.

That one deals with the volume level. Google mentioned how this Chromecast update brings a fix so the audio volume level will remain the same across sessions. Basically, this means you shouldn’t have to worry about flipping to the Chromecast to be greeted with a super high (or super low) volume.

The remaining pieces associated with this update include unspecified stability improvements and bug fixes. Google also mentioned this update will improve IPv6 support and DNS robustness. But again, the one that will likely be most welcomed is the fix for the volume level across sessions. Finally, for those curious, this update brings the Chromecast to build 16664.

Aside from this Google provided update, the Chromecast seems to have been getting a fair bit of attention recently. You are now able to stream private YouTube videos, as well as YouTube live streams (using a desktop browser). Other recent app updates have added Chromecast support with Rhapsody, AutoCast, AllCast, Rdio, Crackle and the Music Boss Pebble app.

SOURCE: Chrome Releases