Coming without any formal announcement from Google, it has been discovered the Chromecast supports YouTube live streams. There is a catch for Android users though. At this time the live streams appear to be supported only when using a desktop browser. It seems likely to believe Android support is coming, and possibly we’ll learn about that when Google offers a more official announcement.

To that point, the support pages also do not appear to have been updated just yet. Nonetheless, you can pull up the live stream you want to watch and simply select Chromecast (just as you would with any other YouTube video). We are hoping this means users will have the option to view some Google I/O 2014 live streams on the big screen, as opposed to their computer.

In addition to the live streams, it was also recently discovered that you can stream private YouTube videos to Chromecast. We suspect this one will not be used nearly as often, however it should be good for those trying to see what a video will look like on every screen before making it public.

Ultimately, this is just another perk for Chromecast. Along with these YouTube goodies, Chromecast recently picked up support for Rhapsody. Some of the other recent additions include Rdio, Vudu and Crackle, as well as the Music Boss app for Pebble. And for those still looking to get a Chromecast, Amazon currently has them selling for $29.99.

VIA: Android Police