Music Boss is an app we took a look at back in December. Essentially, Music Boss will extend upon the basic music control that you get out of the box with the Pebble. The app allows you to launch your current favorite music app from your wrist, and also control that app afterward. More important for today — Music Boss has recently been updated.

This update brings in support for the Chromecast. In terms of the basics — users will find this update brings the app to version Music Boss also requires Android 4.0 or later for use. That being said, the Chromecast support means you’ll be able to adjust the volume and also control playback such as play and pause.

If you have a Pebble and Chromecast and have already been using the Music Boss app — this is an update you will likely want to grab sooner rather than later. This may also be enough to convince those who have yet to try Music Boss. We were impressed with what we originally saw from the app and now look forward to giving the Chromecast support a good test.

Otherwise, the folks behind the app mention how you will need to restart your phone after installing this update. They also offered a nice step-by-step in terms of getting started with the Chromecast support. That step-by-step is available using the link below.

The Music Boss app is priced at $1.99 and available from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: RebootsRamblings