Chromecast is great, but when it comes to multitasking, it falls well short. Developer Joao Dias has created a really neat workaround for that shortcoming with AutoCast. using Tasker, AutoCast lets us multitask various things like listening to music while casting pictures. There are even pop-up notifications on your TV screen, making AutoCast a great start to multitasking with Chromecast.

The video below is pretty long, but it runs through various instances in which AutoCast makes a unique case for itself. Dias has found a way to take what exists, and use Tasker to make it that much better. Scrolling through pics and videos in one stream is easily one of the more handy features, but listening to music over it has a lot of use as well.

We really like the pop-up notifications, letting you know if you’ve missed a call or other message. While Chromecast is sublime for watching media, it doesn’t get us away from a dual screen environment. AutoCast fixes that, or at least starts the ball rolling. The voice controls are a really neat feature as well, and could lend itself to easy home automation.

Dias isn’t keeping this all to himself, though. He wants others to create stuff for AutoCast, even giving a quick run-through on how that’s accomplished. Still a little rough, AutoCast may be a hint at big things to come for Google’s powerful little dongle.

Via: Engadget
Source: YouTube