BLU Products may be facing some issues the past few months but the brand is still ready to release more mid-range devices. If you may remember, Amazon removed Blu phones from the lineup due to a security issue. There was also that problem of smartphones bricking after an update but good thing a solution was quickly released. Despite all the complaints, BLU still introduced the Life One X3 and then this new Dash L4 LTE. The year 2017 is ending with these new Android phones you can consider for your holiday shopping.

The BLU Dash series has been around for over five years now with the last models we remember featuring were the Dash M2 and Dash X2. This time around, we have the Dash L4 LTE. It’s another low-cost smartphone that comes equipped with a small 4-inch screen, 480 x 800 pixel resolution display, 1GB RAM, 1.1 GHz quad-core processor, 8GB onboard storage, 2MP selfie camera, 5MP rear camera with LED flash, and a 1700 mAh battery. You can say it’s a low-specced Android phone. It’s true as it’s really just basic phone.

What’s good about this one though is the fact that it has LTE connectivity already. This means the phone can connect to fast mobile Internet, good enough for quick web browsing, social networking, or media streaming. The phone runs on Android 7.0 so you can take advantage of basic Nougat features.

No information on pricing and exact availability yet but we’re guessing nothing beyond $120.

SOURCE: BLU Products