Just because BlackBerry already rolled out the BlackBerry Priv, it doesn’t mean the company has already forgotten the apps they developed for Android. In fact, there’s all the more reason to work on them because they officially now have an Android-powered device to regularly update. We don’t doubt BlackBerry will always be on their toes because the Priv is just their first Android-run device.

After releasing the first software update for BlackBerry Priv, the BBM gets updated. We’re not sure how many of you use BBM for Android but the app has received several enhancements. You can now search for your BBM chats, channels, groups, and contacts. Privacy Control was improved so you can retract and edit messages and photos. As with most social media apps, you can like posts in your Feed, broadcast messages to different contacts in different categories. Once you’re done with the messages, you can also delete the chats directly.

The most recent update before this was last October when BlackBerry received Sticker Club subscription and PayPal integration , private messages added to the subscription service, and of course, Material Design. The devs also rolled out the BBM timed messages and message retraction.

The BBM app for Android was released a couple of years ago. It quickly reached 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store after a few months.

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