Blackberry‘s BBM service has continued to be its “prime product” as they constantly update it with new features that would appeal to those who rely on messaging services to communicate with colleagues and loved ones. What differentiates them though is that they have subscription services for those who would like a little more than what the free messaging services offer. The latest one includes a new Private Chat feature that will “protect” you and your chatmate since there are no names involved.

This Private Chat, part of the the new Privacy and Control Subscription actually replaces the already existing Timed and Retracted Message subscription. It still includes the previous features that users enjoy, like sending messages and pictures that will “self-destruct” (or rather, cease to exist) at a certain preset time and the ability to retract sent messages when you feel like you’ve made a mistake. But the newest addition to the service is the aforementioned Private Chat.

So even if the person you’re talking to screencaps your conversation, he/she can’t use it against you, since there are no names or profile pictures indicated in the chat. Now if you’re a forgetful person, then you might have a little problem remembering who you’re talking to and might say something incriminating though. But again, you can always claim “plausible deniability” since again, there are no names or profiles to prove otherwise. Another new feature in this subscription service is Edit Message, where you can retract, change, then send the message again if you realized you made a mistake.

The BBM for Android app itself, both the free and subscription service also has several updates, including a new look and feel with its Material Design application. There is also now a Quote Message feature so you can reference previous messages in your chat. There is also now a better way of organizing your stickers (yes, they’re that important!) plus the usual bug fixes and improvements.