Blackberry, despite its imminent re-entry into the smartphone business, will not neglect one of the products that has kept them in the public eye the past years, despite their company setbacks. In a new round of updates for the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM app, you get your very own Sticker Club, a quicker way of paying back that money you owe through PayPal, and a bunch of other tweaks and turns to make the messaging experience better.

For those who actually use messaging apps just to be able to converse through stickers, the newest update to BBM will definitely make you happy. If you become a member of the Sticker Club, a subscription service available on the BBM Shop, you’ll be able to have access to hundreds of new stickers packs and all the ones that they’ll be adding later on. You can also now rearrange the sticker packs that are already on your smartphone, putting the ones you use the most at the top, the least used but you can’t let go, at the bottom, etc.


You can also now integrate PayPal onto your BBM to send and receive money easily. All you have to do is connect your PayPal account to your BBM account, and you can now send that money you owe to your mom, or splitting a dinner bill equally among friends. But for now, it may not be available yet in all countries, but Blackberry says they’ll be able to add more soon.


Other minor updates include the ability to customize the font size by zooming and pinching, the ability to like, comment and view group pictures through the BBM feed, plus the usual bug fixes and improvements. You can check the Google Play page to see if the update has rolled out to your account already.

SOURCE: BlackBerry