We don’t have first-hand experience with the BlackBerry PRIV– first Android-powered BlackBerry device yet. You can also call it a BlackBerry-powered Android phone but however you want to call it, the PRIV is one of the hottest smartphones in the market today. At least, in theory because we don’t have the numbers yet of how many units have been sold by the Canadian phone manufacturer since it started shipping in North America and some parts of Europe.

The first to release the BlackBerry Priv in the US was AT&T. Verizon shared a sign-up page a few weeks ago but still no other details. We just know BlackBerry will release orders just before 2015 ends. But as expected, the company has released its first-ever maintenance release for all PRIVs. This proves that BlackBerry is really serious with privacy and security and it’s delivering its principles to the Android game. The software update is now available BlackBerry’s website (ShopBlackBerry) and from supported mobile carriers starting December 7.

You only need about 475MB of free space before downloading the update. Several fixes and improvements are included so expect improved stability, enhanced security, better camera, and overall, better performance. This month’s security patches are already part of the release to ensure that Android security threats are covered. If you’ve been experiencing some freezing or crashing, the update will also improve the phone’s performance.

With this software update, you can expect some BlackBerry apps will also be updated. Make sure you download the latest versions of the Blackberry Camera, Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Hub, and of course, DTEK by BlackBerry beginning December 14. Some of the enhancements include support for 16:9 photos by the Camera, WhatsApp for the Hub & Contact, added language support for the Keyboard, and more notification options for DTEK by BlackBerry.

Notifications should be sent directly but you can always always check manually. Go to Settings> About> System Updates> Check for Updates.

SOURCE: BlackBerry


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