It took them a while to catch up in terms of design, but at least Blackberry is getting there when it comes to its strongest remaining product to date. BBM (Blackberry Messenger if you didn’t know yet) is finally getting a Material Design upgrade, as well as new features to “make it even better” for its more than a million users worldwide. The update however is still in its beta phase, so it might not still work perfectly as you would expect.

But if you’d like to see what they have in store for you in the future, the beta version has been reworked from the ground up, “inspired” by Google’s Material Design which has been floating around for almost a year now. This time, it has made BBM easier-to-use and gives more “eye-popping” visuals and interface. Another new feature is Private Chats which will hide the name of the contact you’re talking to (so we hope you remember who it is you’re actually messaging). Your chat will also be deleted after some time or when you choose to end the chat altogether.

Have you ever hit yourself on the forehead (metaphorically or literally) when you realized you made a mistake after you’ve sent a message? Of course we’ve all had that message regret feeling. If you don’t really want to retract the message (which you can do on the paid subscription service), BBM is now giving you the ability to edit your sent messages. You can also now let the whole world (BBM world, that is) know how you feel as you can share status updates from the BBM feed itself.

If you want to experience all these changes already, you can sign up for the beta and let them know if you think the new features and look are great. Since it’s beta though, some changes may still occur once it’s released in the full version.

SOURCE: Blackberry