If you’re going home with a bag full of groceries and your actual bag on the other hand, not to mention your car and house keys and your smartphone, then it is sometimes a bit difficult to unlock your gate or your door. August Smart Lock, which provides “intelligent, secure access” to your home has updated its app and its new feature can definitely help you out with that problem, as you can now automatically unlock your house through the, well, Auto-Unlock feature.

When you’re near your house and with your hands still free (just make sure you’re not driving anymore so your hands are really free and safe), you can already unlock your door and save you the juggling trouble. The app, which has been newly redesigned as well, also has a one-touch navigation menu which should make that a cinch. It is also now easier (but still safer) to invite other people (trusted ones we hope) to have easy access to your house without needing a key.

The Bluetooth connectivity has also been improved so that it is now easier to connect both your August Smart Lock and the Android app itself. Both the locking and unlocking part, and of course the new Auto-Unlock feature are now easier to do, taking off a few seconds from your usual routine.

The update is already rolling out to its users. If you already have the August Smart Lock app, don’t delete it first. Install the new version, which you can download from the Google Play Store and is version 3.0.41 with a circle icon. Once you’ve done that, then you can delete the old app, the one with the square icon.

VIA: SlashGear