Amazon is serious in advancing the Alexa technology.  In case you haven’t noticed, the e-commerce company has got a winner in Alexa and Echo. While the Echo is a standalone device, the Alexa voice assistant has got bigger potential because it’s a software that can be used in other devices. We’ve seen a few already and we can say that it has an edge and is more than ready to rival Google Now and Siri.

We know that Alexa with Amazon Echo is already compatible with Wink products. Alexa also now works with the Nest Learning Thermostat, Triby, Pebble Core, and Logitech Harmony. Some are still beta testing but imagine the possibilities.

For the smart home, Alexa can be the Queen of all your smart appliances. Amazon has introduced the August Home Smart Lock with Alexa. Obviously, it’s a smart lock that can be enabled by Alexa. The door lock speaks Alexa’s language and it can very well be controlled from the Echo or Tap.

August Smart Lock is nothing new but it can now be used with Alexa as long as there’s the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge. The latter is what home owners need to connect the lock that works over Bluetooth or WiFi. With this development, we’re getting closer to a future of really smart AI assistants and smart home.

This is another one of the many projects Amazon has lined up for Alexa. Expect more to be announced in the coming weeks. Before we know it, Alexa is all over gadget town so we’ll see.

VIA: SlashGear