As you know, we’ve been chomping at the bit for the past week or two to see Asus’ new effort for Android, one that we found late this past week would be at least one, maybe two devices called Padfone. As it seems now, it’s definitely SOMETHING like that. Have a look at what we’re seeing here: what appears to be a tablet with a phone living inside it, able to come out at a moments notice via a sort of garage door hatch. What in the world?

This device (or devices, whatever you’d like to say,) will almost certainly be revealed tomorrow at Computex in Taiwan, and we’re hoping this oddity doesn’t stick in the Easter side of the world. Asus! Let’s have a look at this strange thing! Note everyone that there appears to be a copper color in here and a black color – perhaps two different color combinations. These devices look very similar to some recent devices we’ve seen come from Dell and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer doesn’t look too far behind this collection as far as industrial design.

Then there’s the ATRIX 4G. We’ve had a look at its desktop mode and all the fun things you can do with the laptop dock – how will this tablet situation compare to that laptop situation? Motorola, are you ready for this jelly? A camera that can see through the cover that protects the phone, dual-speakers that surround the phone hole, the ability to open up the dock to turn the tablet into a laptop. Wild stuff!