The entire Android vs iOS and Google vs Apple argument has been around for a while, and with the recent lawsuits of Apple going after OEM’s like Samsung things are really starting to heat up. Samsung has been selling a lot of handsets and recent reports suggest they soon will top Apple in sales. What do you guys think?

We recently ran this post over on SlashGear and the amount of engagement from Google+ was just awesome. It’s interesting reading all the replies and comments and we love hearing what you all have to say. I know Google+ might have a few more Android and Google fans than other areas but the replies were still worth noting. Here is a quick picture of how things went.

Obviously Samsung is extremely popular and aren’t slowing down anytime soon. With the Galaxy S II headed to the U.S. market soon, and also the iPhone 4S or 5 (or whatever they call it) who do you think will be king? Will Android and Samsung’s highly powerful and popular phone push them over the top, or will the next iPhone give Apple that push they have been waiting for since launching the iPhone 4?

Then you get immediate responses from people saying they dislike apple, or others calling people out as “fanboys” and the discussion usually slows down at that point. I felt like sparking it back up today with the recent reports that Samsung is barely behind Apple both in the U.S. and globally in terms of sales.

The discussion of everything being proprietary on the Apple side is a clear part of the discussion as +Giovanni Gopaulsingh tried to say but was quickly shut down. Does that play a role in your purchase decisions knowing that everything just works? Or do you want the latest and greatest and buy what is hot?

We thought the responses were quite interesting and felt like sharing them with everyone, as well as saying thank you to who responded over on Google+ and actively participates in comments and sharing of news.

So here is my question to end things. Will Apple and the iPhone 5 put them back in a solid lead for the rest of the next year? Or will popular more often and consistent released products like the Samsung Galaxy S II and future 3D phone releases continue Android and Samsung’s climb to the top?

Who will Prevail? Apple or Samsung?