Dark mode in Android has long been in demand. The Android has finally added the feature to the latest versions of the mobile platform. In Android Q, users can easily enable dark mode but it wasn’t like that when it was first introduced. An on-off toggle is usually the quickest way to enable or disable a function but it’s not there. Apparently, it was earlier hidden behind the Android Q dark mode in beta. There may an auto value but it was not working.

Now functioning properly is an automatic switch. There is no official announcement from Google or the Android team but a source shared that his Pixel recently upgraded to Android Q Beta now switches to dark mode at sunset. The automatic switching also happens at sunrise when it turns to light mode.

Sergey described that he edited the adb command to auto on adb. It was done earlier but didn’t do anything to the phone for a while. The device suddenly started switching the theme automatically during sunset and sunrise.

Automatic theme/mode switching seems helpful but we don’t think it is widespread yet. Android devs haven’t shared anything related but the Google app was recently updated. It appears the 9.78.3 beta via APK Mirror caused this one.

The source received the latest beta so this should be the main reason why the automatic switching mode has been enabled. This isn’t the only time dark mode is added or enabled. Google Contacts has it, as well as, Google Keep, Google Maps, Chrome, Nova Launcher, Google Phone dialer, Facebook, Pushbullet, and YouTube.

Android Q has a dark mode. We noted that its system-wide implementation can save up to 50% of power consumption. If you may remember, the Pixel’s November update forced night mode with battery saver mode. It’s not the only one but we remember Google Assistants dark mode cards didn’t look great.