This week here at Android Community has been another exciting week. With Samsung announcing the Galaxy Tab for the US market, Android’s market share continuing to surge, and game developers becoming more interested in the Android platform.


The big announcement this week in Android news was, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We were at the event Thursday and got our hands on the much hyped 7 inch tablet. From what we saw the device was really solid, and on top of claims stating that apps will not look good on the larger screen, we were able to confirm that the apps looked just fine.

The Galaxy Tab will be coming to the United States this fall on all four major carriers as well as shipping with a WiFi only option. Price and availability are not currently known but expect that and much other information to be released as we near closer to release.

We also saw Android market share continuing to surge. Research company comScore reported that the Android Platform has been steadily and rapidly growing over the last 3 months. In the three months that were reported, Google had jumped from 12% to just over 17% taking some market share from RIM and Apple. A 5% jump is pretty substantial over just a 3 month period and they fully expect to continue to see Android dominate the market in the coming years.

Verizon has also been in the news quite a bit this week. First with the Galaxy Tab and clearing up rumors about their exclusivity with Bing. And then announcing that they have plans on introducing their own app store to feature V Cast Apps on Android devices and giving Android developers incentives to submit to their own store.

Much else hasn’t been said but we can fully expect more information in the coming weeks regarding this bold move from Verizon.

More and more game developers are being interested in the growing Android platform. First we saw the popular iOS game Fruit Ninja ported officially to the Android Market. This was one of the first applications to utilize OpenFeint on Android devices. Following OpenFeints breakthrough into the market came word that EA was planning on developing for Android as well. And finally word hit the internet that even though iOS is currently Epic Game’s focus, Android is definitely in the future for the gaming company.