Android is continuing to grow in the cellphone OS market, now passing Microsoft. In the three month period ending in July, research company comScore Inc. has documented the market percentages in the cellphone OS market. With all of the phone releases in the past few months on top of the openness of the Android platform it is not shocking that Android is gaining market share. However, the rate of which it’s occurring is very impressive and the future is looking bright for the famed Google OS.

In the three months that were reported, Google had jumped from 12% to just over 17% taking some market share from RIM and Apple. In fact, Apple had dropped a percent point from 25%, RIM dropped 2 percentage points from 41% and Microsoft lost 2% of the market. Clearly Google is on it’s way to becoming the most popular operating mobile operating system with the numbers now, almost 2 months later, probably even more impressive.

ComScore also reported Samsung Electronics kept it’s top place as the world’s top mobile device manufacturer gaining a full percentage point (23.1% from 22.1) while it’s competitors LG and Motorola saw their share decline. With Samsung’s constant new array of Android phones and tablets being released each month this will only further help Android grow to an even larger user base.

[Via Wall Street Journal]