The Samsung event today answered a lot of questions we have been wondering for a while now. What carriers will the Tab be released on? – all. Will there be a WiFi only model? – yes, details soon. And finally which accessories will be available alongside release later this year? While still some questions remain, price and availability, we still have enough to keep us excited until it’s launch in the coming months.

Accessories include the $99.99 keyboard dock, similar to that available for iPad users. The dock itself provides a full QWERTY keyboard, Charge/Sync dock and stereo audio output.

The next up is the desktop dock. This dock allows you to connect to a TV via HDMI. Video out support allows up to 1080p playback, picture viewing and listening to music on your HDTV.

And finally, there is the car dock. It’s available for $99.99 and allows for GPS turn-by-turn directions to your Galaxy Tab.

We have got our hands on the device and from what we saw at the event the device is pretty solid and the software is very responsive and snappy. Check out the hands on video below.

[vms d8f0efa196f8ad173178]

Flash Player 10.1 Demo

[vms a60554bc78518d5f9b32]

Pocket Demo

[vms 7183b2e40bc464231c96]

Android Market app and Qik demo

[vms bd392b120b627e0e1cab]

[Via Slashgear]