Just as Google was stating that their Android 2.2 OS was not built for devices with a larger than 4-5 inch screen, analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group has said that Android Market apps simply will not look pleasing on the device because they were built for smaller screens. However, how well does an opinion stack up with actual knowledge of the device? Android community had gotten their hands-on the device at the Samsung Tab Event last Thursday, and real world tests in this case do not stack up with the “expert opinion.”

Android Community app on Galaxy Tab

“Apps aren’t going to scale right and won’t be quite as pretty” on the Galaxy Tab, Enderle said in an interview. “The apps are probably going to be a little ugly.”

In fact, it seems that Rob Enderle wasn’t even at the event nor even had any hands-on with the Tab. This is very crucial when making claims because what you think and what you can actually see are two different things. It turns out the the Tabs resolution will not be a problem for apps on the device. Google still may go with their plans and block market access, but the apps themselves will look and function just fine. Android Community at the hands-on event got to see the device, on top of the screen looking amazing, there seemed to be no present scaling issues at all.

We even downloaded our own app at the event and it looked great, no visual issues, distortion, or blurriness. You can check out a video of the Android Community App on the Galaxy Tab below.

[vms bd392b120b627e0e1cab]

It is clear the Apps can run on the Tab with little to no problem visually. As always in the world of development, nothing can beat an actual hands-on with a device.

[Via ComputerWorld]


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