Welcome to another edition of the Android Community Nightly. Today was hot with Android news from multiple hardware manufacturers, a few awesome new apps were released, and as usual Samsung had multiple announcements and details put forth to us readers. We’ll start off with the big news, that being NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 details were leaked — and it sounds amazing. More news from today is all below for your enjoyment.

The only news from Google today was probably one of the most exciting things of the entire day. That was Google Music now offers song matching. This means you won’t have to upload those thousands of albums and wait forever for slow upload times. Google will match the artists and albums and populate them for you if they’ve got em. Good stuff Google! Amazon and Apple does this for your dollars — Google does it free.

As we said, Samsung had a few more announcements and newsy bits as usual. First up they announced the Galaxy Grand – a 5-inch smartphone. Sadly it has a poor 480 x 800 resolution, instead of a 1920 x 1080p HD high-end option like the DROID DNA. So we’ll pass! The folks from Sammy also announced an official 3,000 mAh battery for the Galaxy S III, and they even released an awesome commercial for their Galaxy Camera starring James Franco. Now for some bad news, the Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update has been delayed. Sorry guys. We’ll update when we know more.


As usual we like to wrap up with a pile of absolutely random bits of Android news for everyone to enjoy. Today we have a few goodies too. First up Apex Launcher was updated with Jelly Bean enhancements, Polaroid is working on their own Android-powered camera, only it will feature changeable lenses. The Transformer Prime received a nice bug fixing update, and in the light of the Instagram news you’ll be happy to hear about a new app called Flock Photo Sharing for Android. Last but not least check out MySMS for tablets, and Twist for those who are always late.

Have a great evening. Happy Holidays!