Back in October we began hearing that mysms was working on a native tablet app and as of today, that app has come available in Google Play. The app is called mysms Tablet and it has launched as version 1.0 and with a special introductory pricing.

The mysms Tablet app is currently priced at $1.99, which is a 50 percent discount. No word as to how long this sale will last, but if you want to pay $2 as opposed to $4, you may want to buy sooner rather than later. Some may be familiar with the mysms app as it has been around for smartphones (as well as other platforms) for some time now. For those new to this app, it will allow you to send and receive messages on your tablet.

Perhaps a bit nicer, mysms Tablet will allow you to sync all text messages between your smartphone, tablet and computer. You can also send an unlimited amount of free messages to other mysms users. The mysms app allows for text and picture messages and has other perks such as the ability to backup your messages and even save them to Evernote.

Basically, once this app is setup on your smartphone, you will be able to send and receive messages on other devices, which as of today includes Android tablets. Otherwise, the mysms Tablet app works in portrait and landscape and as it is said to run on devices with Android 3.1 or later, it should run on just about any tablet available.

[via mysms]