Samsung has launched a larger extended battery option for those carrying a Galaxy S3. The battery is 3,000 mAh, which will add an additional 900 mAh over the stock battery. The one catch, while the batteries are official replacements from Samsung, they are still only available in pre-order status.

And while we expect to begin seeing these batteries available with more retailers, the availability seems to be limited to those in the UK. The retailer is Mobile Fun and they have the battery priced at £39.99 (including VAT). Also worth mentioning, while these are available for pre-order today, Mobile Fun has not offered any estimate in terms of when they may begin shipping.

The battery ships with a replacement back cover, which means you will need to order based on color — making sure you pick either blue or white depending on the Galaxy S3 you are carrying. Keep in mind though, given the battery is larger in mAh, it is also larger in physical size. In fact, the battery will stick out a bit further as compared to the stock 2,100 mAh battery and cover.

And given these are official Samsung made batteries, they will also feature support for NFC which means you will be able to continue making payments using Wallet or controlling your phone using the Samsung TecTiles. Bottom line here, if the 2,100 mAh stock battery was not cutting it for you and you would prefer one larger as opposed to swapping two 2,100 mAh batteries — now may be a good time to place that pre-order.



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