Flock, the social photo sharing app has launched for Android. The app may sound familiar to some, however up until today it was available only for iOS users. In short, Flock will allow you to see pictures that others take at an event. Basically, if you and your friends are using Flock, you will likely end up seeing more pictures than if you weren’t.

The reasoning here, with Flock, your friends pictures will automatically be shared with you. As opposed to your friend having to do something in order to share. Of course, depending on the friend, you may or may not necessarily want to see every image they capture. Anyway, assuming your friends take great pics and you love to look — Flock is available in Google Play.

The Flock app works with Facebook Connect, which means the sharing will be limited to those you are Facebook friends with. And while Flock shares images, it is not a camera app. Flock simply runs in the background and checks the images that you are taking and saving to your gallery.

All said and done, provided you get get your friends to download and install the Flock app, the process after is pretty simple — just take pictures with any camera app and Flock will remember, and notify you when you have photos to share. Lastly, the Flock app will run on Android devices with 2.3 Gingerbread or later.

[via The Next Web]