Alexa just got smarter. Amazon’s now popular voice assistant is being rivalled by other companies and services. There’s the Google Assistant as its closest competitor. We know Alexa is already integrated with a number of products and we can expect more to be supported. With the help of numerous developers, Alexa has now reached more than 10,000 skills. This means Alexa is ideal for more consumers as it can better understand and do more for them.

Aside from Outlook, Logitech ZeroTouch, Plex, LG Smart InstaView, Lenovo Smart Assistant, Omate Yumi robot, Fabriq, CoWatch, and Philips Hue, Alexa is expected to support more activities and products. Thanks to the very active developer community who has devs working on and publishing new Alexa skills since September last year.

The Alexa Skills Kit was useful in achieving the number of unique skills. That’s a lot and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to cover most of them but we’re just glad that Alexa is becoming more powerful and more intelligent than ever. You can check them out and search for popular ones and see if you can use them at home.

Alexa Skills are categorized into five groups: News, Gaming, Education/Reference, Lifestyle, and Novelty/Humor. Now that there are thousands of developers working on new skills for the voice assistant, we can expect more to be accomplished by Alexa.

Alexa also lets you play voice-based games with it. In fact, the 10,000th skill to be published is known as ‘Beat the Intro’ which is a game that tests your love for and knowledge of music. It was developed by Musicplode Media. Other interactive games include The Magic Door and Jeopardy.

Check out more details and information about the Alexa Skills Kit on the Developer Portal, Forums, and Dev Chat Podcast.