Following the footsteps of Amazon and Google, here’s Lenovo with a new Smart Assistant with Amazon’s Alexa. This new device rivals the Echo, Dot, and Google Home when it comes to offering smart assistance at home. It looks more like an Amazon Echo and actually works like one because this speaks the language of Alexa.

We know more similar gadgets will be announced this year but Lenovo gets ahead with this product. Using Alexa instead of making another software is a smart move because more people are now familiar with it. Lenovo has actually joined the bandwagon when it comes to personal assistant devices. Feel free to play a track, make a list, ask a question, and get updates on your events and calendar entries.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant takes a cylindrical from. It looks like another smart speaker but more stylish than the Echo. It boasts of eight 360-degree microphones, noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, and Harman Kardon audio as another option. It can listen to you from a maximum of 16ft distance.

Just ask Alexa and the Lenovo Smart Assistant will answer you. The Harman Edition will be more expensive at $179.99 but the standard version will only be $129.99. Device will be available this coming May.

SOURCE: Lenovo


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