Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant that is part of Amazon Echo’s portable smart speaker, has been a pretty good competitor to the likes of Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, and Google’s…well, Ok Google. But previously, you could only experience it on the aforementioned Echo. Until now, that is. Fabriq is the first Alexa-powered portable, all-in-one speaker. And the best part is that it actually looks pretty and can even be part of your house or office decorations.

Fabriq looks like a decorative item that will go well with your other accessories at home or at your workplace but it of course serves not just as a speaker but your connection to your Alexa service as well. It has dual WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and high quality sound so you can use it as stand-alone speaker or paired with other speakers for multi-room purposes. You will also be able to control the speaker or speakers through the Fabriq app on your smartphone.

But of course the highlight of the Fabriq is that you can have it do “neat tricks” courtesy of Alexa. Aside from checking the weather and asking it to recite your schedule, you can also use it to control your supported music apps, control smart devices within and from outside your house, and even call an Uber for yourself. It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours and comes with a 2” precision active driver, a 2” passive radiator, and 5W of power.

Fabriq comes in three styles: Jack Plaid, Earl Grey, and Splat. The design has different colors, prints, and fabrics, wrapping up a 3.15” x 3.15” x 3.15” speaker. It is now available through for only $49.99.

SOURCE: Fabriq