Probably one of the most used appliances in our house is our refrigerator. So it’s probably but natural that brands would also want to make them smarter and connected, since apparently that’s what consumers want for everything that they use. LG has unveiled their most innovative ref yet, the LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator. The great thing about this, aside from the fact that you can do so much more than just store food inside, is that it is powered by the OEM’s own webOS smart platform and also features Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

The Door-in-Door ref has a 29-inch touch LCD display and just like magic, when you tap on the screen twice, it will turn transparent and so you can see what’s inside the ref without having to open it, therefore saving some energy (well, probably not energy for the screen though). It also has a Smart Tag menu so you can add stickers and tags on the screen to show what’s stored inside and you can even put the expiration date of each item. You can put memos, to-do lists, reminders, etc. You can even view what’s inside the ref remotely through the 2.0MP panoramic super wide lens camera that captures different angles of what’s inside.

And since the ref uses Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, you have access to more than 6,000 skills that the digital assistant can do. It can search for recipes, play music, buy stuff from including groceries, add items to a shopping list, schedule a grocery day on your calendar, play a video on how to bake a cake, etc. And you can do all of these hands-free and just using your voice.

If you’re in Las Vegas now for the Consumer Electric Show, you’ll be able to see the LG Smart InstaView in person and explore what it can do. No news yet on its price range and when it will be available, but for sure, it will not come cheap.